Minecraft Version 1.18.1

The 6th Summer begins Dec. 17th

IP: Play.CampMongoose.com

You don't need anything other than a vanilla 1.18.1 client to play Camp Mongoose!


But if you want to enhance that experience check out the official Camp Mongoose Mod Pack,  made by community member and Camp Counselor Kirneh, via the Curseforge app.

The Brains



The man, the legend, the mightiest vegetable.



Swift by name, server outage by nature. Archnemesis of Yeee.


Server Wizard

Bruce, spruce, profuse, cahoots, grassroots, seduce, quack.


Client Mastermind

Oh Henrik, code me like one of your Danish girls.


Camp Mongoose will be open to all campers at launch.

Whitelisted no longer, invite your friends and join in the fun.

Server Rules

Follow these simple rules.

Don't be a dick.
Seriously be nice.
Don't destroy people's things.
Use kind language.
Donations are final.