Are you a Knight or a Dragon?  

Here at Camp Mongoose we try to bring the fun of a summer camp to the endless enjoyment we all get out of Minecraft. The houses you get sorted into on day 1 really have no bearing on how you go about playing on Camp Mongoose. If you choose to ignore it and just enjoy the server as just that, a vanilla Minecraft server, than by all means! This is just another layer of fun to team up, make new friends, and work on things together as a group! 

We are still in development on how to make use of these houses in a competitive situation, but keep the server light hearted and not have people jumping at whoever is on the other sid . So don't worry right now about what house you belong to, what matters is that you're on one of the worlds oldest running Minecraft servers going on 12 years now! We've been around for a long time and since have cultivated a small but indredible team who are passionate about giving you the best Minecraft experience out there, without breaking the magic of the base game.